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Agricultural Limestone  

Agricultural limestone (aglime) is a calcium carbonate product used to improve the health of soil. As stewards of the land, we need to guarantee the best soils now and for generations to come. 
Healthy soil is neither too acid nor too alkaline and has neutral pH rating of 7.0. Soil pH is a measurement of soil acidity or alkalinity, from 1 to 14. A range of 6.2 to 7 is good for plant growth and less likely to compact, allowing for optimum water absorption and deeper root penetration. Over time soil tends to become more acid. At a pH of less than 5, aluminum, manganese and iron become more soluble and toxic in the soil. 
Used appropriately, aglime reverses soil acidity and boost crop yields, long-term productivity and farmer profits by improving the physical, chemical and biological conditions of the soil. Aglime supplies calcium and other required minerals. The nitrogen, phosphorous and potash already present in the soil become more available for plants.  
Aglime can be applied any time between the harvest of one crop and the planting of the next. With conservation tilling, aglime should be incorporated with the last tillage since surface applications require more time to neutralize subsurface acidity.  
ILC Resources provides a variety of aglime products, from finely powdered for liquid or suspension fertilizers to coarse granules for long-term soil neutralizing and residual effects.