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Ball Diamond Dry

Here’s a surface application for softball diamond infields and recreational fields. Our medium coarse limestone product (off-white in color) is spread, watered and compacted atop the desired area to provide good drainage. Porous, quick-adsorbing Ball Diamond Dry allows play to resume quickly after a downpour. 

Creating a superior infield requires approximately 25 to 30 tons for the base application, with approximately 10 to 15 additional tons needed for a product depth of one inch on the playing field. It is easy to apply with readily available maintenance equipment. With additional loads of the product every two or three years, the field remains in winning condition.

A school in the Des Moines metro area was the first to use Ball Diamond Dry on its fields. Championship teams have played on this limestone surface for numerous seasons and the home coach says simply, “I love it.” He notes that the Ball Diamond Dry surface is superior to other infields and has found that after a downpour of rain, it can be readied for playing sooner than a typical infield.

Most rains will not force scheduled games to be postponed. Good drainage allows play to begin almost immediately following a brief shower. If there are spots of water on the field, working Ball Diamond Dry into the area makes footing excellent again. Rough areas around bases also can be easily conditioned by scraping the area clean and working in clay and Ball Diamond Dry.


Follow the simple steps below to resurface your playing field.
Spread 25 to 30 tons of Ball Diamond Dry on infield.
Use a starfire (disc) to work rock into playing surface.
Drag the playing field to smooth it. This is best done with a single 8-foot
long bar weighing about 50 lbs.
Wet down the rocked surface.
Roll the surface with a heavy roller to compact rock into the surface.
Use the starfire (disc) again and repeat steps 4 and 5.
Spread another 10 to 15 tons of Ball Diamond Dry to a depth of one-half
inch on the surface.
Extra product can be stored in a mound for future use. It need not be
placed indoors or covered.