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Calcium plays many essential roles in animal and poultry nutrition. In general, it is required for:
• proper development of bones and teeth
• regulation of heartbeat and blood clotting
• muscle contraction and nerve impulses
• enzyme activation and hormone secretion
• eggshell formation and quality
• reproductive functions (uterine retraction)
• milk production


Milk production is a priority and proper calcium is essential. Dairy cows are milked twice a day in a dairy parlor. They will be fed a total mixed ration in the free stall or the stall barn..   
For beef cows in the breeding herd, after calving a major emphasis remains on lactation and calcium intake. Unical-L (large granular) is used in mineral mixes and FreFlo (blend of large to small granular) is an ingredient in mineral mixes, base mixes and complete feed for cows and bulls. Pelleted concentrates and/or complete feeds are best manufactured by using Unical-S (small granular).


Beef (brood) cows generally graze on pasture or open range, so their diet from a hay feeder in a dry lot or while grazing is mostly roughage. Free choice minerals are supplemented to balance their diet. Unical-L (large granular particles) works well for mineral mixes.
Until weaned at about seven months of age, much of a calf’s nutrition comes from its mother’s milk. Roughage the calf eats is supplemented by the same free choice minerals its mother consumes. To provide additional nutrition for the calf alone through creep feed, select FreFlo (if creep is in meal form) or Unical-S (if creep feed is pelleted). While there is an emphasis on milk production for a brood cow, grazing forage and free choice consumption of minerals will meet her need. 

To support the skeletal development of growing/finishing dairy and beef cattle, a variety of our products are included in feed. Unical-L (large granular) is an ingredient in mineral mixes. FreFlo (blend of large to small granular) is an ingredient in mineral mixes, concentrates and complete feed. For pelleted feed, concentrates or complete feeds (such as that used for creep feeding to calves before weaning), Unical-S(small granular) is an excellent choice. Customers use our Unical-P and Unical-UF (finely ground and ultra-fine powder) to add calcium in suspensions for liquid feed supplements. 
Please contact our Director of Nutrition to discuss your specific dairy and beef feeding needs by selecting "Nutritionist" on our contact form.