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Dicalcium / Monocalcium Phosphates                    

Phosphorus, which is found with calcium in the bones and teeth of animals, has a role in every phase of animal growth and production. It has many biological functions and is a key component in energy metabolism. It’s required for cells to divide, a heart to beat, and for milk, meat and wool to be produced. Phosphorus plays a role in acid-base buffering in blood and other bodily fluids, along with being a component of tissue cell walls. With adequate dietary levels of phosphorus, livestock and poultry will grow faster, produce more and be healthier. 

In ruminants phosphorus is required for rumen microorganisms to digest cellulose and synthesize microbial protein. Feed-grade phosphates are the products of choice for dietary supplementation. They are high in biological availability, have a consistent nutrient content and are widely available.

Adequate dietary levels must be fed daily to meet animal needs. Phosphorus nutrition management must take place due to environmental concerns with phosphorus excretion.

Dicalcium/monocalcium phosphate is produced by reacting wet process defluorinated phosphoric acid with calcium carbonate. 

Dicalcium/Monocalcium Phosphate 18.5% P - This high-quality mixture of dicalcium phosphate and monocalcium phosphate is ideal for all livestock and poultry feeds. It contains 18.5% elemental phosphorus, along with 19.0% (minimum) to 23.0% (maximum) elemental calcium. 

Monocalcium/Dicalcium Phosphate 21% P - This combination of monocalcium and dicalcium phosphate has a minimum 21% elemental phosphorus content. It also contains 15.0% (minimum) to 18.0% (maximum) elemental calcium.