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Lawn & Garden Limestone

Our consumer product is used to neutralize soil acidity, promote plant vigor, encourage root growth and increase beneficial soil bacterial. It is available in paper (50#) or plastic (40#) bags. 

The application of ILC Resources’ Lawn & Garden Limestone is a proven, sound practice that can enhance your lawn and garden. Many important functions in building and maintaining a beautiful lawn at a reasonable cost are performed by this product:

1. It economically supplies calcium to the soil, providing an essential mineral for plant growth.

2. Grasses and many garden plants grow best at a near neutral soil pH and our pure limestone neutralizes soil acidity.

3. The use of limestone helps increase the number of beneficial bacterial in the soil. These bacteria speed the rate of decay of plant residues and reduce thatch build-up in lawns.

4. ILC Resources’ Lawn & Garden Limestone improves soil structure and provides better moisture penetration.

5. It allows air to enter the root zone to aid in root development.

6. The toxic effects of certain compounds in the soil are reduced by use of ILC Resources’ Lawn & Garden Limestone.

7. Because our product is nearly pure calcium carbonate, it’s free of the contaminates found in poor quality limestone. Such impurities would build up in the soil to kill or slow plant growth.

8. Fertilizer efficiency is improved in two ways.

  • By conditioning the soil with limestone, more of the natural plant nutrients are released. This can reduce the amount of fertilizer required.
  • Through the same process, ILC Resources’ Lawn & Garden Limestone aids in making the nutrients provided by fertilizer more effective.

When is lime needed?

Signs that lime is needed in soil include shiny soil, slick or sticky soil, low water retention, and dry, hard soil with long deep cracks.

Don’t wait for these drastic conditions to appear. Regular application of ILC Resources’ Lawn & Garden Limestone can eliminate increased soil acidity caused by fertilizing and the decay of plant matter.