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Trap Dressing™

This product is a precision-screened granular calcium carbonate that's ideal as a bunker fill for any golf course hazard where sand has been use. Trap Dressing is less dusty than typical sand, non-toxic to turf or greens, promotes drainage and will not pond water.

Why Switch or Start With Trap Dressing?

You want a course that’s challenging for the golfers, not the groundskeepers. Trap Dressing can improve the look and playability of your traps without requiring additional grooming to maintain bunkers.

  • Bright in coloring – Its attractive coloring is brighter than local sand and will lighten with exposure to the sun
  • Low maintenance – It’s long–lasting and will not clump or harden. Doesn’t blow out!
  • Less particle dust – Trap Dressing has few fines and less dust than typical sand fillers
  • Research tested – It will not harm turf!
  • No standing water – It promotes drainage and will not pond water

How to Use Trap Dressing

Simply remove the existing fill and replace it with Trap Dressing to a similar depth. Once it’s in place, just water the trap well to wash the product and aid it in settling. Trap Dressing can be added periodically to replace product lost during normal play.

Trap Dressing Doesn't Hurt Greens

Trap Dressing is a calcium carbonate product and a study conducted at Iowa State University determined the effects of adding calcium to calcareous soils, the base for many athletic fields and golf courses. The results clearly state that the addition of ILC Resources’ Trap Dressing had no detrimental effects on either nutrient uptake or visual appraisal of turf grass greens.

How One Accredited Laboratory Recommended by the USGA Rated Trap Dressing

  • low tendency to bury the ball
  • a desirable penetrometer value of 4.kg/cm2
  • an acceptable crusting value of moderate
  • a particle size compatible with most USGA greens
  • Detailed report available upon request.

    Trap Dressing is available in bulk (bulk density 90 lb/ft3) at Alden, Iowa; Weeping Water, Nebraska; and Savage, Minnesota.